CDIP Station Plot - Timeseries of Directional Displacement (XYZ)

Create subplots of: North/South Displacement (X), East/West Displacement (Y) and Vertical Displacement (Z) using OPeNDAP service from CDIP THREDDS Server.

Archive datasets:

Realtime datasets:

Station Number

Enter CDIP Buoy Station Number, realtime or archive, Deployment Number (archive only), Date and Plot Duration (minutes)

Option to set QC flag level based on the level of qc data you want to plot

Import Python Libraries

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Data Access

Data are stored on the CDIP THREDDS server in NetCDF files

Import NetCDF Data from THREDDS URL

XYZ Displacement data from CDIP buoys are available in two seperate locations:

Open Remote Dataset from CDIP THREDDS Server

Read Buoy Variables

Assign variable names to the relevant variables from NetCDF file:

Helper Functions for Dates

NetCDF stores time variables as UNIX dates (values are in seconds since 01-01-1970 00:00:00). The helper functions below allow us to convert between human-format timestamps (e.g. 'MM/DD/YYYY') and UNIX timestamps.

Check Start and End Dates

View the Start and End dates of all available xyz data

Time Index Values

Make array that only encompasses specified timerange

Transform 'sample_time_cut' array into Datetime objects so that time component can be plotted as timestamps

Plot Directional Displacements (XYZ)

Plot three directional displacements as separate subplots