Sensor Search Form
This form is used to query the sensor information in CDIP's instrument archive. When given a serial number it returns a complete sensor history, listing all the deployments (time_frames) for that sensor.


  • To search for a serial number string (e.g. 30297), enter it in the first box below. This will return all sensors that contain that substring. The advantage of this search is that it will return all possible matches and ignore inconsistencies in the serial number entries (e.g. a sensor may be labeled P30297 for some frames and PS30297 or 30297 for others).
  • To search for a serial number of a specific data type, select it from the choice boxes at the bottom of the form. The advantage of these searches is that they will return fields of interest for that specific data type - selecting from the paros list will return the paros calibration factors, selecting from the datawell list will return the GPS flag and tophat number, etc.
  • ALWAYS remember to click the radio button next to the type of search you would like to perform! (The radio buttons may be near-invisible on the Solaris version of Netscape; keep looking, they're there.)
    Enter a search string:

    datawell paros sensotec
    kulite gulton all