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1 - IMPERIAL BEACH, CA Data set:
Station Summary
  • Current status: decommissioned
  • Most recent location: 32 34.757' (N), 117 8.250' (W)  [change lat/lon format]
  • Instrument description: single point
  • Most recent water depth:  20.01 (ft)  [change units]
  • Measured parameters: 
  • Approximate location: 
  • Nautical chart: 18772
  • Funding: USACE
  • Operator: CDIP
Active Inactive Decomm This Station

These data are collected as part of the San Diego Coastal Ocean Observing System (SDCOOS). Additional plots for data collected at Imperial Beach Pier and other regions are available through SDCOOS.

These data are collected by an RDI Waves ADCP. Technical documentation is available on Waves ADCP data submitted to CDIP.
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