Intercomparison metdata

Metadata for the datasets used in the intercomparison project are based on the
DBCP Moored Buoy Metadata from February 2012.

While the DBCP metadata is focused on realtime stations, the intercomparison metadata
describes the static datasets used to generate the products available on this site. For instance,
the 'End date' for any dataset does not indicate whether or not a station is still active;
instead it tells the end date of the dataset used for this project.

Fields in the intercomparison metadata:

CategoryODAS abbrevDescriptionN Numeric /
A Alphanumeric
Metadata detailscreateMetadata record creation dateA (date)CYYYYMMDD
Metadata detailsmsdMetadata validity start dateA (date)CYYYYMMDD
Metadata detailsmedMetadata validity end dateA (date)CYYYYMMDD or 'valid'
Station detailsWMOnWMO number NOCompulsory if on the GTS
Station detailsstnStation name AOIf given
Station detailstsType of station AC = MB for moored buoy, = WB for Wave Buoy
Station detailsindStart date A (date)OYYYYMMDD
Station detailsoedEnd date A (date)OYYYYMMDD if ceased
Station detailscntyCountry of ownership AC
Station detailsragyOperating agency/institute AC
Station detailsLatLatitude (of deployment) NCUp to 3 decimal places
Station detailsLonLongitude (of deployment) NCUp to 3 decimal places
Station detailsWCWatch circle (m) NO
Station detailsHultHull type ACAs ODAS format descriptor
Station detailsHulMSHull manufacturer/model AOIf appropriate
Station detailsHulMatHull material AOe.g. aluminium, plastic, foam etc.
Station detailslngthLength (m) NOIf rectangular/boat shaped, to tenth of a m
Station detailsBrthBreadth/width (m) NO
Station detailsDiamDiameter (m) NOIf circular, to tenth of a m
Station detailswdpthWater depth (m) NO
Station detailsCmsyPrimary data transmission system AOInclude Iridium
Station detailsAInAny other ID AOe.g. Argos or GOES number
Station detailsWebAWeb address AOFor additional information
WaveswavMSPrimary wave sensor model ACManufacturer/model (wasp in ODAS format) including if Heave or Slope
WaveslwavLocation of wave sensor AODescriptive text
WavesfowoWave observation frequency (hrs) NC
WavesspstSampling period start NOMinutes before (-) or after (+) top of hour
WavessfWAVPrimary sensor sampling freq (Hz) NCc.f. SfWAS in ODAS format
WavesapWAVPrimary sensor sampling period (mins)(n)NCLength of sample, c.f. apWAS in ODAS format
WavesfbWAVNo of frequency bins NC=1 if integrated
WavesfminMinimum freq of sensor range (Hz) NO
WavesfmaxMaximum freq of sensor range (Hz) NO
WavesdrWAVDirectional resolution (deg) NC=360 if omni-directional
WaveswtiltWaves corrected for buoy tilt AOyes/no
WaveswprocWave analysis technique AOe.g. Spectral analysis method, c.f. spAT in ODAS format
WaveEvalToolnullSensor serial numberAOUnique identifier for wave sensor
WaveEvalToolnullcommentAODetails from sensor comparison as performed at CDIP