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The df files contain continuous, 1-Hz water column 
readings for Scripps Pier and Kings Bay from 
12/26/2004 00:00:00 to 12/31/2004 23:59:59 UTC. 
More sensor details are given below.

There are missing values in the Kings Bay file; these
are recorded as -1.0 in df08301. Neither of the files 
has been detrended for tides. The Kings Bay file also 
contains some reception-related spikes which have not 
been removed.

The sp links return CDIP spectral files concatenated
together, including the file headers.

Station: 07301
Channel description: SINGLE POINT
Deployment latitude: 32 52.000' N
Deployment longitude: 117 15.400' W
Water depth(cm):    680
Sensor elevation from sea floor(cm):    173
Data type: Water column (cm)
Gauge type: Digital Paros pressure sensor
Sample rate(Hz): 1.000
Field software version: sci_acq
Field station type: sun
Method of analysis: CDIP

Calibration factor: 1.0000
Offset:      0.00
Radio modem: no
Energy basin processing: no
Surge filter processing: no

Number of records: 518400
Start time: 20041226000000 UTC
End time:   20041231235959 UTC