Latest News: CDIP buoy station 111 Anacapa Passage, CA was decommissioned May 14, 2019. If you relied on this data, we would like to hear from you.
073 - SCRIPPS PIER, LA JOLLA CA   Notice:04/16/2019 Wave sensors cleaned 1815 to 1900 UTC Data set:

Parameter File FORTRAN format

Column headings (not in data files)

     *  'YEAR MO DY HR MN   Hs   Tp   Dp    Depth   Ta    Pres   Wspd',
     *  'Wdir  Temp   Temp'
     *  '      UTC           m   sec  deg     m     sec    mB     m/s',
     *  ' deg Air(C) Sea(C)'


     *            1x,a3,1x,f8.2,1x,f5.2,1x,f6.1,1x,f6.2,1x,a3,2x,f4.1,
     *            3x,f4.1)')
     *     year, month, day, hour, minute, hs, tp, dp, depth, ta, pres,
     *               wind_speed, wind_dir, temp_air, temp_sea