Latest News: CDIP buoy station 111 Anacapa Passage, CA was decommissioned May 14, 2019. If you relied on this data, we would like to hear from you.

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073 - SCRIPPS PIER, LA JOLLA CA   Notice:04/16/2019 Wave sensors cleaned 1815 to 1900 UTC Data set:


The wave parameter joint distribution tables display counts of wave records for each cell defined by the cut-offs in the top row (either peak period Tp, or peak direction Dp) and first column (either significant wave height Hs, or Dp). We produce 3 tables, 1) Hs vs Tp, 2) Dp vs Tp and 3) Hs vs Dp.

The top row Tp labels correspond to the following cut-off intervals where "[" indicates greater than or equal to and ")" indicates strictly less than:

Tp label Tp cut-off intervals
22+ > 22
19 [18,22)
17 [16,18)
15 [15,16)
13 [12,14)
11 [10,12)
9 [8-10)
7 [6-8)
5 < 6