141 - PORT HUENEME NEARSHORE, CA   Status:DECOMMISSIONED   Notice:03/04/2009 Recovered buoy


DAILY MAX WAVE displays the largest wave (measured crest-to-trough) recorded by a buoy or a pressure sensor over the course of 1 day.

The height of each wave passing the sensor is defined as the difference between the max and min values between consecutive zero up-crossings. Time series from directional buoys are not edited; incomplete and otherwise problematic sections of the time series are discarded. (This can result in days without any 'largest wave' value recorded, even though the days in question may have extensive spectral and displacement data available.) Pressure sensor series pass through CDIP's standard editor and are detrended prior to the max wave calculation.

(Note: Values from 2007/10/23 to 2014/08/02 were calculated from down- crossings, not up-crossings.)

The output is a five column table:

  • Timeseries start: Start of day in which maximum wave occurs
  • Timeseries end: End of day in which maximum wave occurs
  • Time of max wave: Time at which maximum wave occurs
  • C-T wave height: Height of the individual wave using the crest-trough method
  • C-T wave period: Time elapsed between zero down-crossings for the largest wave