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About Introduction to history and funding of CDIP
Battery Status Get battery status and summary plot
Buoy Logger Coverage Data coverage from buoy logger media
Buoy Validations Interface Interface for starting and viewing calibrations;spin tests;CAT4 tests and SST tests
Buoy checkfactors View buoy check factors
Data Coverage Data coverage for years prior to current year
Diagnostics Table Station diagnostic information
Globwave Globwave users page
Hurricane Events Lists major hurricane events
Imperial Beach 2009 Imperial Beach 2009 Experiment
Inundation Browse CDIP recorded inundation events
Latest Data Table Latest CDIP data for buoys and other sensors
Map Station map and directory for buoys and other sensors
Marine Exchange Summary LA/LB Harbor 3 station summary
Marshall Is. Summary A summary page for the Marshall Islands
Nasa Wave information for NASA
News Displays CDIP latest news
Partner docs Documentation for our partners
Photo Browser Browser CDIP photos
Product Browser Browse CDIP products
Product descriptions Product descriptions
Projects site_tool
Publications Displays publications data
Sensor Search Search sensor history
Shore Station View shore station inventory
Spin test upload Upload a spin test file and view documentation
Station Data Page Access and visualize all station data
Station Events Browse station events
Station Info Displays CDIP station information
Station Photos Station photo entry form
Station maxima and minima Max/min Hs and SST across all active stations
Status of CDIP deployed stations Status of deployed stations
Storm Events List of major storm events
Tech table Technician's diagnostics table
Tsunami Events Lists CDIP recorded tsunami events
User Preferences User preferences chooser
Water level forecasts Water level forecasts and flooding indices
Wave Eval Tool Tool for comparing wave sensors
Waves plot of 1 day or 1 week Plots of Hs Tp Dp and Ta for 1 day or 1 week
Welcome to CDIP! CDIP Welcome page