Latest News: Website changes
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Website Changes

As of March 2019, CDIP is in the process of phasing out its 'classic' website. This website was designed in the early 2000s and has enjoyed great popularity over the years. Unfortunately, its pages are based on out-dated technologies which do not run efficiently, can no longer be readily maintained, and are not fully compatible with today's devices and web browsers.

CDIP's new website has been designed to provide full access to our datasets and products for all users, whatever their needs may be - checking current conditions from a mobile device, doing research from an office desktop, etc. Some products on the new site closely resemble those from the classic site; others have been updated more extensively. But all of the resources from the classic site will remain available, in one form or another.

If there are any products you cannot locate on the new site, or issues with access, please let us know. While the transition may be difficult at first, we're confident that all of CDIP's users will benefit in the long term.

Thanks - The CDIP Team