//h .root/data_access/justdar.cdip
//h Returns cdip data for automatic web downloads using .dar/dar.
//h Data is limited to 500,000 lines (~4 days of df or xy data).
//h which takes ~2 minutes to download with a very fast connection.
//h Usage:
//h   http://cdip.ucsd.edu/data_access/justdar.cdip?{args}
//h   where {args} examples are:
//h     1. h                          -> returns this help
//h     2. 029+sp                     -> most recent sp file
//h     3. 029+sp+20040101            -> returns stn 29 sp data for Jan 1, 2004
//h     4. 029+pm+20040101+20040103   -> pm data for Jan 1 - Jan 3, 2004
//h     5. 029+df+200406010203+S01    -> df of Jan 1, 2004 02:03 UTC
//h     5. 029+xy+S01                 -> latest xy file
//h     6. 029+de+1                   -> de data for the last day (24 hours)
//h     7. 029+dd+1+2                 -> directional data 1 to 2 days old
//h     8. 001+dd+Sp2	              -> most recent directional data for 001 
//h                                      from dataset 2. Station datasets can
//h                                      be found on our website under historic
//h                                      data. 
//h   File type codes:
//h     de=energy, dd=direction, dt=sea temperature
//h     da=air temperature db=air pressure, dw=wind
//h     dp=depth, pm=parameter, ix=index, df=dskfarm, 
//h     xy=xy, sp=spectral
//h Note: all dates are UTC