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Harvest Buoy/Swell Model Query Form

This form is used to locate swell model images that correspond to user-defined wave conditions. Select the Hs, Tp, and/or Dp you are interested in below; the dates and times with the nearest ocean conditions will be returned, along with links to the corresponding swell models.

Fill in any and all of the fields that are of interest; any field left blank will be ignored when searching for the closest matches.

Note that the Hs values returned by this query will NOT be identical to the values in the corresponding swell models. The Hs values tested by this query are full-spectrum values, which include locally-generated seas. For this reason, the Hs values reported on the corresponding swell model images will tend to be lower as they do not include local seas. (The swell models ignore all energy at periods below 8 seconds.) The Tp and Dp values may also differ significantly, due to different groupings used in the parameter and swell model products.

  : Wave Height
(Hs, in feet)
  : Peak Period
(Tp, in seconds)
  : Peak Direction
(Dp, in degrees)
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