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Search instructions

On the right-hand side of the CDIP banner is a search tool composed of three elements. These elements are as follows:
  • A choice box, with three different options - "Station ID", "Stn Directory", and "Full Site". Choose the type of search you would like to perform; the details of the different search types are described below.
  • An empty text box. Enter the search string in this box. Sample search strings: "095", "Oceanside", "Hs".
  • A submit button, labeled "search". Click this button once you have set the search string and search type.

Types of searches

Station ID: This search is based on the 3-digit IDs assigned to CDIP stations - "006", "071", "121". The 5-digit station numbers used by NDBC to refer to CDIP buoys may also be used. (Searching for a NDBC id that is not operated by CDIP, however, will produce an error.)

Stn Directory: This search is based on the fields in the CDIP station directory. It includes the following values: station number, station name, data set name, latitude, longitude, depth, funding institution, operator, and region. Thus the search string may pertain to any of these fields: "Oceanside", "34.1", "ONR", "Oregon". A list of stations that match your search string will be returned.

Full Site: A free-text search of the entire CDIP website. The results are provided by (or, more accurately, 'scraped from') Google.

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