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Checklist For Buoy Search

1. Logbook

2. ICOM Radio 

3. GPS Finder 

4. Portable GPS

5. Antennas for GPS finder At least 3 with a magnetic base to attach
   to car or boat roof

6. Chart of Area

7. Chart plotting tools: parallel rulers and dividers

8. Binoculars

9. Foul Weather Gear and Boots

10. Connectors and adaptors for GPS to antenna or Radio to Antenna. Remember: there are female and male connectors of each

	a. TNC to BNC adaptor
	b. F adaptor to BNC or TNC 
	c. N adaptor to BNC or TNC
	d. UHF to BNC or TNC

11. Manuals: 

	a. GPS finder manual
	b. ICOM radio manual
	c. Portable GPS manual

12.  Spare Batteries 

	a. GPS Finder: 2 x 9 volt
	b. Portable GPS: 4 AA
	c. ICOM: 4 AA	

13.  Shipping Tags For Return 

14.  Wave Buoy Flier

15. Invoice sheets to pay boat captain or other hired help

16. Tools: Knife (to cut mooring), leatherman, pliers

17. Work sheet and pencils

18. Cell phone car antenna with magnetic base

19. Cell phone and charger!

20. All credit cards 

21. 50 or so of polypro line

22. Lifting Bridle, shackles, pear snaps

23. Boat keys and other necessary boat equipment

24. All this equipment can be loaded into the black pelican case for transport.

25. Please alert someone on shore before you depart on boat!

CDIP's major funding contributors are the US Army Corps of Engineers and the California Division of Boating and Waterways.
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