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Related Links

Web products: Recent-Observed Station Page

This page provides access to a number of products containing the latest readings from the selected station and data set. The products are grouped below by type. Note that all products are not available for each station; availability depends upon the station's sensor and measurement types.

Data tables

The latest 12-24 hours data in text format. Three table types can be generated:
  • Parameter - values from CDIP's pm file
  • 9-band energy - 9-band entries from the de file
  • 9-band direction - 9-band entries from the dd file

Daily and weekly plots

Plots generated on the fly from the latest 24 hours and/or 7 days of data. All values are taken from the corresponding parameter file.
  • Waves, 1 day - last 24 hours of Hs, Tp, Dp, and Ta readings
  • Waves, 1 week - last 7 days of Hs, Tp, Dp, and Ta readings
  • Wind - last day and week plots of wind speed and direction
  • Temperature - last day and week plots of air and sea temperatures
  • Air Pressure - last day and week plots of wind speed and direction

Monthly plots

Pre-generated plots of current-month data, which update every 2-3 hours. Note that these plots are all labeled with UTC times; web users' timezones and units are ignored.
  • Compendium - plots of Hs, Tp, and Dp vs. time.
  • Mountain - 3-dimensional plot of time, frequency, and energy. (Full Description)
  • Feather - Vector plot of time, frequency, direction and energy. (Full Description)
  • Temperature - plot of sea temperature vs. time
  • Wind/Pressure - plots of wind speed and air pressure vs. time

Latest Data Run

Plots and data files based on most recent half-hour of data.
  • 9-band plot - bar graph of 9-band energy and direction
  • Spectral plot - energy density and direction plotted vs. frequency
  • Directional spectrum - a plot of swell intensity as a function of period and direction for Datawell directional buoys. Created from a 2D MEM spectrum; please contact CDIP for more details.
  • Time series plot - north/south, east/west, and vertical displacements plotted vs. time for Datawell directional buoys
  • Spectral file - CDIP's sp file
  • Time series file - CDIP's xy file
  • Wave histogram - bar graph of the the number of individual, upcross waves measured over a 30-minute sampling period sorted into bins based on wave height. In the header the number of waves measured, the height of the largest wave, the period of the largest wave (Tmax), and the average height of the highest 1/10th of waves (Htenth) are given.
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