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Time Zones and UTC

All of the data collected by CDIP is archived by the UTC time. While some of our web products are available for other time zones, many of CDIP's files and products are tagged only with the UTC time.

What is Universal Time Coordinated (UTC)?
UTC is the time at 0 degrees longitude, a.k.a. GMT (Greenwich Mean Time).
UTC = US Eastern Standard Time (EST) + 5 hours or
UTC = US Pacific Standard Time (PST) + 8 hours
For US Daylight Savings Time the difference is 1 hour less, e.g.,
UTC = EDT + 4 hours
UTC = PDT + 7 hours
For the state of Hawaii
UTC = Hawaiian Standard Time + 10 hours

World UTC Table

UTC time difference for various locations through out the world.

Local Time Geographic Zone
UTC-12 Eniwetok
UTC-11 Samoa
UTC-10 Hawaii
UTC-9 Alaska
UTC-8 PST, Pacific US
UTC-4 Atlantic, Canada
UTC-3 Brazil, Buenos Aries
UTC-2 Mid-Atlantic
UTC-1 Cape Verdes
UTC Greenwich Mean Time, Dublin
UTC+1 Berlin, Rome
UTC+2 Israel, Cairo
UTC+3 Moscow, Kuwait
UTC+4 Abu Dhabi, Muscat
UTC+5 Islamabad, Karachi
UTC+6 Almaty, Dhaka
UTC+7 Bangkok, Jakarta
UTC+8 Hong Kong, Beijing
UTC+9 Tokyo, Osaka
UTC+10 Sydney, Melbourne, Guam
UTC+11 Magadan, Soloman Is.
UTC+12 Fiji, Wellington, Auckland

PST,PDTPacific Standard/Daylight Time
MST,MDTMountain Standard/Daylight Time
CST,CDTCentral Standard/Daylight Time
EST,EDTEastern Standard/Daylight Time
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